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How to speak Hosanna with your lips & actions 

(Living Under open heaven)

Pastor. Kyle Wijnands
March 25th, 2018

Where is the blood of Jesus applied to our life? How does this affect whether we live under an open heaven? We're set free when we live under an open Heaven. Our cry should be that we want to experience more of the goodness of God. Today God not only wants us to acknowledge who He is by what we say but in how we live.



Scripture Text: Mark 11

  • The people were excited because their messiah was finally here to save them from Roman rule. They expected Jesus to come in and take over the land by physical force.

  • They were so wrapped up in the physical that they were missing what Jesus came to do in the Spirit.

  • As humans it's easy to become consumed by the everyday tasks we have to do. When we focus too much on the physical we miss spiritual opportunities. We miss the neighbor who is close to being born-again, or the women in the grocery line who needs a word of encouragement through you from God.

  • The people in Mark 11 were saying the right words but their actions lined up with cold Religion. This leads to their hearts being in the wrong place.

  • We often spend so much time on our devices, missing the opportunities before us. Our families, our kids, and other souls are all opportunities.

  • Mark 11:9. We need to recognize who Jesus is. When the people shouted Hosanna they were speaking prophetically and didn't even know it. 



Luke 23:21

  • If they had the full revelation of what it meant when they shouted "Hosanna, blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord" they wouldn't have crucified Him.

  • What they were saying is "blessed is He who comes in the name of the I AM".

  • They got a revelation that the messiah would come in the name of the highest God.



Exodus 3:14 

  • They asked the invisible God of the old testament, "who are you"? I AM who I AM. They were asking His name. Why would God answer this way? He was saying my power and presence has no beginning. I didn't come out of a womb, I just AM.  

  • When they said blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord. The nameless one now has a name. The name Jesus means I AM saves or I AM savior. 

  • We need to understand the one that comes in the name of the I AM

  • Hosanna comes from the Hebrew word meaning, save or rescue us Lord. They're saying save me I AM when they shout Hosanna.



Psalm 118:25


  • The word for Hosanna is within this psalm, Lord saves us. 

  • God the Father entered through time and space, into our dimension. He receives the name I AM saves, or Jehovah saves, which is Jesus. The invisible God reveals Himself in the new testament as Jesus.

  • They expected Him to take over the city but He continued onto Bethany.

  • In the natural Jesus can disappoint you, He purposely came not looking all that impressive.

  • He hides His glory so that you will search it out. He came riding in on a donkey. 

  • They wanted a King to come and free them from Roman rule, but Jesus came to free them from their sins. All this generational bondage is what He came for, but they didn't see it.

  • Living under an open Heaven starts with His name.



Matthew 23:39

  • Jesus said they wouldn't see Him again until they started speaking with their lives "blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord".

  • How do we say this with our actions?

  • The disciples were asked the same question. It was our sins that crucified Him, it was our actions that killed Jesus. 

  • We see what Jesus has done for us, seeing His suffering and refusing to identify with Him. Telling Him that no, we're good without Him. 

  • Where do you identify with the cross? With what Jesus has done for you, with the savior that died for your sins? 

Acts 2

  • The revelation that we did this to Him, needed to happen. That's what we see in Acts chapter 2. People are realizing that they had crucified their savior.

  • The disciples came into unity with 120 people to magnify Jesus and honor Him for what He did for them.

  • Acts 2, Heaven opens up while they are in total agreement with one another. The open Heaven opened up in such a way that a mighty wind was felt. The Holy Spirit fell and manifested in the image of tongues of fire. 

  • Heaven opened up and it gave them Heavenly abilities, a Heavenly tongue. 

  • If we ourselves have not experienced being born-again as the early church did then we won't be as effective.

  • The Region was set on fire because 120 people experienced being born-again.

  •  Acts 2:14. They weren't drunk on wine but on the Spirit. It was 9 am in the morning, they were experiencing an all-night prayer meeting on the birthday of the Church. They were excited! 

  • They stayed up all night and now they have a crowd accusing them of being drunk on wine. Peter was filled with the Spirit, which was prophesied by Joel. 

  • 50 days beforehand the sun turned red and there was a blood moon. All the signs and wonders that were prophesied happened at the time of Jesus' death, burial, and resurrection.

  • In the latter days the open Heavens will pour out that everything will be touched by His glory. Before this happens we're going to see mini signs of this.

  • A lot of people can testify that Jesus is Lord, but just as we saw on the birthday of the church this is not enough. Even the Demons recognize that He is Lord. 



Acts 2:29


  • We see Peter who denied Jesus three times, standing up in boldness, in the same city where he was hiding from people. 

  • Peter was given the keys to the Kingdom, even after he had made these mistakes. 

  • Peter gives the first sermon of the early church.

  • Acts 2:29. The people shouted about King David when they were crying out Hosanna. Peter ties the lineage of Jesus to King David. Peter points out that Psalm 16:10 prophesies how the Messiah's body never rots. In Acts verse 32, Jesus rose from the grave, He didn't rot. 

  • Many of them saw Jesus afterward, with their own eyes. 

  • Jesus has now taken the full authority and is seated at the right hand. 

  • Acts 2:36. Lord = I AM, the invisible one, Spirit, Christ = Messiah, physical manifestation. These are the two titles pointing to the name Jesus. There were others named Jesus at this time, but there weren't Jesus' that was Lord and Christ, from Nazareth. 

  • After showing them how Jesus is the Messiah. They were cut to the heart.


Acts 2:37-38

  • Jesus is the one who opens up the Heavens. Our blood wasn't enough to see the forgiveness of sins. Pagans would attempt to illegally cover sins with their own blood or others but it doesn't work.

  • Acts 2:37. What should we do then? some of these people could have been the same people who cried Hosanna and then crucified Him. 

  • An open Heaven always precedes a Word from God, then conviction and lastly repentance. 

  • They didn't ask what we should say or what should we believe, they asked what they should do.

  • Peter responds with Acts 2:38. The verse following explains that this isn't just for them, but for the generations as far off. 

  • Is God calling us today? The same call goes out today as it did then, it all starts with the same call. Blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord!

  • They baptized 3000 souls in the name of Jesus, not in the titles, for the remission of sins. 

  • The apostles are obeying Matthew 28:19. They are commanded to teach in all nations, baptizing in the NAME. Not name(S). 

  • Conviction is different from shame and condemnation. Conviction is a gift, it means you can still respond to God. It leaves you asking, what should I do?

  • Remember speaking Hosanna is not just done with your lips, but with your actions.

  • It's not just repentance, it's not just faith, its an action.

  • Our action doesn't save us but it's coming into agreement with His action that saves us.

  • Confessing that Jesus is Lord didn't save them on Palm Sunday and it doesn't save us now.

  • Be baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus' for the forgiveness of your sins and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.


Our prayer today is that we would all speak Hosanna with not only our lips but also our actions. That you Jesus have come into the flesh, perfectly divine and perfectly human. To forgive us of our sins, to show us how much you love us. Give us a revelation of your name Lord and why your Apostles only baptized in the name of Jesus. That every person would connect with a body of believers where they could live out their Hosanna. 

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