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How to experience Breakthrough

Pastor. Kyle Wijnands

November 16th 2019

Make Room For Jesus: Mark 2:1-8

  • Verse 1-2 Make room for Jesus in the house.

  • Jesus is in the house. The same thing is happening now, as then. 

  • Where Jesus is, there is the Kingdom of God (Heaven). 

  • We host Jesus. 

  • Do you want a breakthrough in your life? Invite Jesus into your home. Invite Him into every room of your house. When you invite Jesus in, you're also inviting the lost souls that are with Him.

  • We'll have to become uncomfortable. Make room for the lost and those cast aside with Jesus. 

  • We may know a lot about Jesus in our heads, but we also need to know Him in our hearts. 

  • God wants to manifest in a powerful way in our homes and in our lives.

You Have To Overcome Your Paralysis: Mark 2:3

  • What keeps you from walking spiritually? Is it sin, shame, fear..ect?

  • Don't walk with a failure mentality, the paralyzed man didn't. He even had friends to believe with him. 

  • When you have Jesus in your home, it'll be uncomfortable. It's even going to cost you have people "mess up your space."

  • Isaiah 35. The lame leap like deer. Fear has the ability to cripple us. We can suffer from the fear of the past and condemning thoughts putting you back to habitual sin. No matter if it's regional, generational, or personal hindrances, Jesus can break it! There is no more shame in the Lord. 

  • Jesus didn't see the roof, He saw their faith. Faith is something you operate in, even when you can't see it.

  • Verse 5. Jesus calls the paralyzed man son/child. Childlike faith.

  • How do you overcome paralysis? Ask God for faith, declare that you are healed and set free.

Be In The Right Company: Mark 2:3

  • When you hang out with a corrupt company, it corrupts you.

  • The company we keep influences how you think.

  • The paralytic had the right friends.

  • Whom do you gravitate towards? What company do you keep? Who are your close friends?

  • The company you keep will determine your breakthrough.

Refused To Be Denied When This World Says No: Mark 2:4 

  • If they took no for an answer because they couldn't get through the crowd, then they wouldn't have received his healing. 

  • Go through the roof. Inconvenient = Miracle, Complacent = no blessing. 

  • It probably bothered them to dig through a roof, it was inconvenient but do it anyway.

  • If people reject you, don't become discouraged and stop reaching for souls. Don't take no for an answer, Jesus wasn't seeker-friendly. 

Remove The Lid Of Human Intimidation: Mark 2:4

  • There's always breakthrough before being born-again. 

  • We may feel limited by our past or afraid of others bringing up our past. 

  • We need to remember what we use to be, but now what we are.

  • People will try and smear you after taking Jesus more seriously. We won't be intimidated by this.

  • We will overcome by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony. 

  • The number 5 = Grace, there were 5 men in this story. 

  • We don't have a past, it's been covered by the blood of the lamb.

  • Jesus was baptized into His blood, we come into agreement with Jesus that He took our sins away. 

  • John 5:1, Usually people ask about the condition. They ask, "Do you want to be made well?"He didn't have the community. The living water came to him because he couldn't get to it.

  • Breakthrough begins when excuses end.  

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