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How to be seated in authority 

Pastor Kyle Wijnands
November 4, 2018


First Step: Birth

Natural compared to Spiritual 

  • Naturally, the child in the womb is in a fetal position.

  • Spiritually, before we are born again, we are in a fetal position. We are curled up and bound with fear. 

  • In the natural, when a child is born, it is still in a fetal position. The child needs to stretch out and lie on the chest of his/her parents. 

  • In the Spirit, we need to be attached to the one who can pull us out of our fetal position. ​

  • We must spiritually stretch out by admitting and reaching for help. We must have faith and not stay in that position. 

  • We begin to grow little by little. Eventually we learn how to sit. Sitting might not go so well at the beginning, but our heavenly Father is so excited with the stage we are in. He is not sitting there wishing we were in the next stage already. 

  • We eventually learn how to walk, we will fall, but we must keep trying, then soon we will be running.

We must know how we are in Christ.

That is the  is the one thing the devil doesn't want us to realize.


  • we are not highly evolved monkeys, but made in the image of God. No other creature did God breathe life into. ​
  • if we don't know who we are, we wont live like who we are. 

  • ​Too many of us go through life in the "fetal" position. BUT GOD. 

If we want to be seated in authority we must:

  1. Turn off the distractions that keep us from listening to God​

  • relationship(s)

  • possessions that we have/want

  • TV shows/social media/phone

  • friends ect. 

  2. Take care of ourselves /make good life choices

  • go to bed in good time, get enough sleep

  • God created us to have energy, we must eat accordingly 

  • Live in alignment with the miracle we want to see

God didn't call us to be busy, he called us to be fruitful.

If we don't take care of ourselves, how are we going to be ministers of Christ?

  3. Move into a Spiritual Place of Rest

  • Once we have done our part, let God do his.

  • God has done all the work. He made it possible for us to become born again. 

  • His word is full of promises to claim. We need to MEDITATE on it! 


  • We need to open our minds to what God is saying in his word. 

  • Psalms 119:5 talks about meditating on Gods precepts. We must listen to what God is saying to us.

  • Joshua 1:8 God is telling Joshua to meditate on the Book of the Law day and night so he will be careful to do everything in it. Then he will we be prosperous and have good success. 

How to move into a place of rest? Meditate on Gods word and declare it!​

  • Gods word needs to become apart of us. 

  • Joshua 1:8 the word is the same word for ruminate. 

  • Gods word will help us leave the spiritual fetal position. His words transforms. 


Cooperate with the Word

  • When God tells us something, speak it, claim it. 

  • Acts 3:1-10 Peter and John walk up to a lame man outside the temple. They tell him to rise up and walk in the name of Jesus. They had a revelation of they were. They knew where they were seated. 

  • What are we channeling? 

  • We need to live under the spout where the glory pours out. 

  • Gods promises are yes and amen. God says it, we need to just come into agreement with it. 

  • In Psalm 119:11 it talks about how we need to hide his word in our hearts so we don't sin against him.

  • Ephesians 1:20 talks about how Christ was raised and is seated in the heavenly places. 

  • Ephesians 2:6 says that we have been raised up with him, seated in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus. 

  • We are seated with Christ all because of what Jesus did for us. 

  • While we are walking in Christ, we can do it in a position of sitting. We can be experiencing the peace and love of God right now where we are at. 

  • We must pray like we are seated with him. Thanking Jesus that he is here, for his healing. 

  • Don't stop repenting, just start declaring. 

  • Its easy for us to start claim and almost enjoy our problems, we repeat them as if they are not conquered. The problem becomes our identity. We need to start repeating the word of God, soon our problem will not seem so big anymore.

  •  We need to remain seated in Christ, then we will not be striving in our own strength.  

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