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Empty to Filled

August 18,2019
Pete Bancroft

Genesis 1:2 The Earth  was formless and empty. Darkness covered the waters.

                    The Spirit of God hovering over the surface.


 John 1:1 The the word was already there.The word = light = life = creation. The word was spoken and creation happened.


Genesis 1  Light = hope then darkness was separated. Waters of heaven were separated from waters of earth.

                 He separated water from land, this was the foundation for life ( Physical) created by the foundation of life the word ( spiritual).

                 Physical beings(humans) are created in the image of spiritual beings.

                 God has an overwhelming desire to fellowship in fullness.

                 He created order to hope (light) then fulfilled it.

                 Satan created chaos and despair which empties God's creation.


Colossians 2:9  For in Him dwells all the fullness of the Godhead bodily.


Judges 17:6 Micah was distressed because when they strayed from God they were left in with out a King, priest or his idols.


Judges 19:1 These are the extreme result of emptiness. Israel was almost wiped out just like Sodom and Gomorra. Out of the 600 men from the Tribe of Benjamin, only 600 were left because of their sin. The other tribes didn't want anything to do with them.

King Saul and the Apostle Paul were from the Tribe of Benjamin. Did they deserve the honour that God brought to them?  Did their past  determine their future? Does God see your pat or your potential? Are you focused on things that will leave you empty to feeling worthless or is your focus on the fullness of God which brings eternal life.

He has called the church to bring hope to be a light .

Our foundation is the Prophets, Apostles and Jesus.



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